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TCN CleanTech Capital Program - Premium Energy?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

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I attended the TCN CleanTech Capital Program on Tuesday, May 5th. Several brief observations: 
  1. There are amazing resources for entrepreneurs. TCN has several relevant events in addition to this one. One of the panelists, Dr. Linda Plano, is a member of the Mass Technology Transfer Center. She sponsors a CleanTech specific conference, among other relevant activities.  
  2. You want to be on the demand side of the business unless you can figure out how to get a multibillion dollar credit line. All the panelists agreed that 'demand side' refers to energy conservation, demand response, and energy monitoring - both low capital AND lightly regulated. The only play on the supply side is as a small supplier. Second Wind was highlighted as a company with a relatively low capital, short sales cycle product and thus had a chance as a startup amongst the behemoths. 
  3. The most  interesting exchange of the evening occured between a panelist and a telecom alumni interested in transitioning to CleanTech. The topic was the expected lifetime of capital equipment in the energy space.  The conventional wisdom is to expect a 40 year lifecycle. The telecom alumni pointed out that this was the expectation in telecom as well, back in the scratchy voice over copper days; the situation changed drastically; the same can be true in CleanTech. The panelist countered that telecom upgrades were driven by a vast array of new high-value services: voicemail, sms, mobile, etc, but that watts were watts.

    So, today's question to ponder: truth or lack of vision? Is there some value added in energy that will drive the kind of short product cycles that make for a booming industry, or are we talking a one-time changeover from fossil fuel to renewables, and then we're done?

2 Responses to "TCN CleanTech Capital Program - Premium Energy?"

Ed Loessi said :
May 10, 2009 at 9:54 PM
Hey Craig,

I like that "question to ponder" I need a white board and a lot of coffee!
May 10, 2009 at 10:20 PM
The telecom analogy is apt! Value added services notwithstanding, telecom carriers do more with "data moving through pipes" and "a minute is a minute is a minute" than adding value to those minutes. Overall cost of a minute has also dropped spectacularly in 20 years, amid all upgrades and deregulation.

A lot of folks from old regulated telecom have moved over to the energy utilities. Incremental value/profitable services will likely be created (and monetized) with smarter generation/grid technologies. However, the generation/transmission companies themselves are likely to end up with eroding margins overall. In the conservative world of energy utilities, electrons are unlikely to move terribly far from being electrons.

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