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SmartGrid Transitions chronicles both the technological and professional transitions that will result from re-energizing the world.

Technology transitions are fascinating to observe as well as participate in. This site aggregates a number of sources relevant to SmartGrid technology. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Growing a massive new industry will involve significant professional transitions as well. An influx of newcomers such as myself will be needed to start new companies and do new jobs. We are all trying to learn this new space: New acronyms, new business models, new assumptions. Let's do it together!

Spotlight on Storage

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

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Storage for the Smart Grid has definitely been on the radar lately. Several recent articles have brought this sector into the forground. We start with a bold statement of market growth. A total of $4B is not huge, but 10x growth in a decade is nothing to sneeze at. The details are here, but I don't think it counts PHEV batteries as part of 'grid storage'.

On the technical side, the Electicity Storage Association has a great overview of storage methods, as well as significant players in each.

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